Stories from the Land

An audio documentary recorded live across Canada that uses storytelling to share Indigenous worldview, history and philosophy

(CBC Radio)

Listeners pick the best Indigenous books

A critique of mandatory aboriginal courses (CBC Radio)

Mandatory content from a First Nation’s perspective

Logo for the National campus and community radio association

Indian Residential Schools: Documentaries (NCRA)

Stories of survivors, family members, friends, and many other people whose lives have been shaped by the legacy of Indian Residential Schools

(CBC Radio)

Radio space for Indigenous community, culture, and conversation

Kuper Island (CBC Radio)

Investigative journalist, Duncan McCue, listens to stories from students who attended one of Canada’s most notorious residential schools, Kuper Island. McCue, investigates a case involving a student who did not survive Kuper Island and questions a man who is responsible for multiple cases of abuse at the Institution.